Yes, you can have an affordable website.

Like you, I am a small business. I know that spending thousands of dollars is not always an option, especially on something we feel we may not need. Unfortunately, having a web presence is a necessity. Smart phones, tablets, Google Maps, online reviews, and much more have changed the face of business. Your potential customers need to not only find you, but know if they want to visit your business and make a purchase before they ever step foot in your door.

Large companies can easily charge you several thousands of dollars for a website. “Simple” website over night builders lock you into a proprietary system that continue to charge you for added features. You need a solution that will fit your needs now, tomorrow, and beyond – without costing a fortune. This is where I come in, this is what Southside Studios can do for you.

What You Get

Your website will be hosted in your own account, with your own domain name, and powered by WordPress.

Domain Name

I currently recommend purchasing your domain through This will be the portion only, and will contain all the information on where your website and email should be located. is reasonably priced, does not fill your inbox with marketing emails, and offers FREE domain privacy, which will prevent tons of spam email and phone calls.

Once your domain name is purchase, I’ll handle doing what is needed to point everything to your website.

BlueHost Hosting

BlueHost Banner

Your website and email will be hosted with Blue Host. Their plans allow for tons of storage, their hosting is reliable, and they are who we host both our own personal sites and business sites with.

Email? Yes, you get email! Every business should have an email address that matches their website. You will pick a format, be it,, or any other combination you like. I’ll then create up to five additional email accounts for you, if needed.

An Easy to Use WordPress Website

WordPress Screencap

WordPress is a widely used, stable, and secure website system. If you want to edit your own content, it’s easy for you to do. Want to write a blog? Easy. Want to add on additional features to your website? WordPress provides one click installs for thousands of plug-ins, some of which require little to no configuration.

Want to later expand your site? WordPress will allow you to add new pages with ease. You can install free e-commerce add-ons, add social media features, and much, much more with a few simple mouse clicks.

Don’t want to manage your own site? No problem! I have competitive hourly rates, or can provide quotes for larger projects, and do everything for you. I have several happy clients that I currently provide updates for, you can become one of them!

A Custom Look

WordPress designers offer hundreds, if not thousands, of free themes. Your website will use one of these themes, allowing it to be up and running in no time. But don’t worry, you won’t look just like everyone else. I will work with you to customize some aspect of your chosen theme, making the site yours using your logo or business name and your photos.

The Bottom Line

The linked banners, above are affiliate links. This allows me to make a small amount of money from you using my recommended providers and allows me to charge you even less to get your site running.

Here is our price break down of every fee involved.

Yearly Costs, Paid Annually

Service Cost Domain Name About $15
BlueHost Hosting About $84

One Time Costs, Our Charges

You’ll get the handy, affordable bundle that gets you up and running with a basic website for one flat fee.

You get all of this for only $300. Yes, only $300.

Your Total

Your grand total to have your website up and running is approximately $400. We charge a standard 1/2 down fee to get started building your new website, which makes your up-front costs only around $200. Upon completion, the remaining payment is due and, once paid, we hand over the keys to everything. You’re ready to go!

Payments are payable using your credit card via PayPal, your PayPal account, or personal check. When paying by check, keep in mind we will begin work as soon as the money clears the bank.

Ready to Get Started?

Contact me now and I’ll get back to you, usually within 24 hours.

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