SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is no longer a matter of simply achieving top rankings in Google and “100’s of other search engines.” When your potential customers search for your key-phrases (keywords), their SERPS (search engine results pages) are affected by their social profile, previous search behavior, and many other factors. Performing traditional SEO on your website is still a must, but is only a portion of your SEO plan.

Your Search Results Are Not the Same as Everyone Elses

Not all search engine results page are created equal. Personal search and your search history, your geographic location, which data center (which pile of Google computers) you are connecting to, and many other factors can influence the results you see. This is why checking your rankings, or working with a company that promises “top results for your chosen keywords” is a waste of your time and money.

Why Social Media is Important for SEO

There is more to SEO  than making changes to your website. Links, page popularity, and hundreds of other factors have an effect on  your ranking. If you’re active on social networking sites (EG: Facebook, twitter, and Google+), and have an active following, your fans, clients, and customers will help spread the word about your site. Your potential clients will increase exponentially and more and more people will know about your business.

I take the confusion out of setting up your social media presence and can create your Facebook, twitter, and Google+ pages for you. Your website will be enhanced to include social badges (like, share, and tweet) .

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Don’t Get Squeeze for Every Penny

Be cautious. Some SEO companies will swear that your website must be redesigned so that your code is search engine optimized. While, in some cases, this could be the necessary – it is a very rare occurrence. Usually, the end result of this redesign is about $1500 in the SEO’s pocket, and a lot of time wasted. At Southside Studios, I always evaluate your current website and determine a list of actionable items to potentially increase your traffic. A full blown redesign is only done in rare cases.

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Be Wary of The Monthly Fees

Some companies will squeeze money from you as long as possible. They have some monthly SEO service, where you only pay a few hundred dollars a month, and you get a block of time each month for SEO work on your site. In some cases, this may be legit; however, most of the time, the “SEO” is allowed to allocate only a small amount of time. It usually ends up being enough to start reviewing an area of your site, have a couple ideas of what to do, then is out of time before anything can be done. Always ask for a one-time SEO quote. If the company will not give you one, and insists that SEO is an ongoing process and it’s the proper way, find another SEO company.

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