How to Choose an SEO Company

Posted in Search Engine Optimization on February 20, 2013

Avoid companies who send you unsolicited emails stating they cannot find your site in the major search engines.

Most web site owners come to realize they may need a professional search engine optimization specialist by emails stating that there site is not found in the major search engines, and the company sending this email can achieve top rankings in the major search engines.

So how do you know if for a up front fee, and an ongoing monthly budget, this company will deliver what they promise? They guarantee it, right?

No one can guarantee number one positions in all of the major search engines for any web site.

There are hundreds of factors that determine how a site will rank, and each of the search engines has there own factors, which have there own level of importance. Also, one of the first major tasks in a search engine optimization project is keyword research. It’s quite possible your site could never rank before page five of the search engines! Some of
the major players in SEO will not even take clients whose are in fields such as lawyers, gambling web sites, and many others.

Watch out for the common phrases and methods some SEO’s will use to “wow” you.

If you are discussing SEO services with a company, and they start sounding like any of the following, it may be time to end the conversation.
And it’s not just me saying this, Google mentions several of these points in it’s
What is an SEO” page.


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