Must Have Free Joomla & Virtuemart Add-ons

In creating all of the e-commerce sites, there are some add-ons that are a must have. Below are a list of the ones I am using, what they do, and why you want them.

Virtuemart Shopping Cart Page Customization

Customizing the Virtuemart Product Page / Flypage

In one of my projects, the task was to have a single item page that listed all of the items available for purchase. Think of it like a shirt page, with 1 t-shirt, 1 long sleeve, etc. available all from the same page. This allowed me the chance to customize several aspects of the product […]

Joomla! & Virtuemart : Full Site Build

This post started as my documentation on the changes i made in setting up a website for a “multifamily yard sale” type of site. I am currently in the process of creating various Joomla! powered web sites, running Virtuemart for their e-commerce. Throughout the process, I will be documenting what I add, build, change, and […]