Search Engine Optimization

Keyword Research : Finding Keywords Based on Existing Visitors Search

The love of my life wanted to find out what types of keywords people were searching for, and create new recipes and blog posts for My Gluten Free Girlfriend based on that research. Her question is your gain! I figured – hey, why not just make it a series of blog posts and everyone can […]

SEO & The Title Tag

The HTML title tag is quite possibly one of your strongest allies. The title serves two purposes. It appears in search engine results pages (SERPs) as your link, and they keywords used in the tag can greatly affect your page’s ranking.

How to Choose an SEO Company

Avoid companies who send you unsolicited emails stating they cannot find your site in the major search engines. Most web site owners come to realize they may need a professional search engine optimization specialist by emails stating that there site is not found in the major search engines, and the company sending this email can […]

SEO & Meta Tags

If you talk to enough “SEO Professionals” (you know, the ones who spam you and cold call you on the phone) you will undoubtedly hear them clamor on about meta tags. They’ll tell you all about how you need to add your most important keywords to them and how it will magically make your site rank higher in […]

SEO & Content – Content is King

One of the main things web sites come up short on is content. I’m not talking about flash ads, animations, graphics with words and other visual aids. I’m talking about a few well written paragraphs of quality text that your customers will love to read. Content rules the web; if quality content isn’t there, your customers have no […]

Your Homepage is Not Your Front Door

If you’re here reading this, you may be wondering why everyone that visits your website leaves, or bounces, without doing what your site is intended for them to do. You’ve changed your homepage, linked to your homepage, changed your homepage more – but still you have a high bounce rate and not the sales or […]