How to Easily Create Your Own Blog

While setting up your own blog/website may seem like a daunting task that’s going to require an IT degree and a pile of money, it’s actually fairly simple to do. I’m going to cover the steps and, by the end of this post, you’ll be up and running, ready to share your stories with the […]

Record Multiple Invoices Paid With One Check in Quicken

In my businesses, unfortunately, I use Quicken. One item that strikes me as strange, is how difficult it is to mark several client invoices as paid when a single check is sent. A little background – I have Quicken sync with my bank accounts, so all transactions (like client checks) are downloaded automatically. When it […]

LogMeIn drops free accounts

Why I Will Never Use LogMeIn – a Review LogMeIn Doesn’t Seem to Care About Their Customer’s It’s a shame really. I rather liked LogMeIn’s service, most of the time. I cannot vouch for their customer service, as I never had to deal with it. The product always seemed to, mostly, work. But, this isn’t about their software. My disdain for LogMeIn comes […]

Quick Adsense Issue With the WordPress Business Directory Plugin

Over at My Gluten Free Girlfriend, we’ve been testing out the WordPress Business Directory Plugin. It seems to be doing a pretty good job overall, but we did run into a few things we didn’t like and changes need to be made. We’ve been using the Quick Adsense Plugin for a while now and it does the job. When we […]

ACE SEF Remove “Powered by” Link

Don’t get me wrong. If you like and use some software, you should consider donating or buying the full version. However, when it comes to software that is supposed to be open source, I don’t feel people should try to force anything on anyone. But, since it is open source, we can easily stop that […]

Setting an Amazon Affiliate Link as Your Out of Stock Message in Drupal Uber Cart

As of this posting, I am pretty new to Drupal and Silly Monkey Toys is my little test site running in Uber Cart. When our items go out of stock, I wanted a way to direct people at an Amazon affiliate link – that way, I can at least make a little money off the site […]

Keyword Research : Finding Keywords Based on Existing Visitors Search

The love of my life wanted to find out what types of keywords people were searching for, and create new recipes and blog posts for My Gluten Free Girlfriend based on that research. Her question is your gain! I figured – hey, why not just make it a series of blog posts and everyone can […]

SEO & The Title Tag

The HTML title tag is quite possibly one of your strongest allies. The title serves two purposes. It appears in search engine results pages (SERPs) as your link, and they keywords used in the tag can greatly affect your page’s ranking.

How to Choose an SEO Company

Avoid companies who send you unsolicited emails stating they cannot find your site in the major search engines. Most web site owners come to realize they may need a professional search engine optimization specialist by emails stating that there site is not found in the major search engines, and the company sending this email can […]

SEO & Meta Tags

If you talk to enough “SEO Professionals” (you know, the ones who spam you and cold call you on the phone) you will undoubtedly hear them clamor on about meta tags. They’ll tell you all about how you need to add your most important keywords to them and how it will magically make your site rank higher in […]