Record Multiple Invoices Paid With One Check in Quicken

In my businesses, unfortunately, I use Quicken. One item that strikes me as strange, is how difficult it is to mark several client invoices as paid when a single check is sent. A little background – I have Quicken sync with my bank accounts, so all transactions (like client checks) are downloaded automatically.

When it comes time to mark several invoices as paid, that are all paid with the same check, I am running in to Quicken thinking I have received the money twice. This is causing a larger bank balance than I really have.

No matter how much I searched, I couldn’t find how to properly record a client paying more than one invoice with a single check.

In all my searching,, most solutions involved setting up separate accounts for unpaid invoices, incoming checks, balancing between the two…. Way more effort and time than I want to put in, just to record a check for a few invoices.

So, after more digging than I should have to do, I figured out a solution on my own. And, it is pretty simple.

When I deposit a check using my mobile, it shows the “Payee” as the bank or the bank’s mobile app, as seen in the screenshot.


The first step is to correct where the money should go. To do this, you will change the “Category” to “[Customer Invoices]” (or whatever your account name is). Next, correct the “Payee” to be the name of your client and Save the changes.

Next, open your Client Invoices account, open any of your client’s invoices they just paid, and click on the “Receive Payment” button. You can then check off each of the invoices this check paid, and click the check box next to “Apply Existing Credits”.


At this point, the check will be used to pay all of the invoices, and your job is done.
Now, isn’t they way easier than having to set up multiple extra accounts.

Have questions? Did I miss something? Let me know in the comments!

Disclaimer: I am not a CPA, accountant, or really all of that great at managing money. This is not advice, and is only here as a “Here’s how I did it.” This isn’t tax advice, how to use Quicken advice, or advice on how you should enter a single check to pay multiple invoices. This is just how I found to enter my clients multiple invoice payment. If you follow this advice and something bad happens, it’s not my fault.


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