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Quick Adsense Issue With the WordPress Business Directory Plugin

Over at My Gluten Free Girlfriend, we’ve been testing out the WordPress Business Directory Plugin. It seems to be doing a pretty good job overall, but we did run into a few things we didn’t like and changes need to be made.

We’ve been using the Quick Adsense Plugin for a while now and it does the job. When we viewed the Business Directory Listings  though, we noticed no ads were showing up. After digging around and experimenting a bit, I found the cause was the Business Directory (more…)

ACE SEF Remove “Powered by” Link

Don’t get me wrong. If you like and use some software, you should consider donating or buying the full version. However, when it comes to software that is supposed to be open source, I don’t feel people should try to force anything on anyone. But, since it is open source, we can easily stop that type of behavior.

To find the section of obfuscated code in the ACE SEF plug-in from a Linux shell, you have a couple of options. (more…)

Setting an Amazon Affiliate Link as Your Out of Stock Message in Drupal Uber Cart

As of this posting, I am pretty new to Drupal and Silly Monkey Toys is my little test site running in Uber Cart. When our items go out of stock, I wanted a way to direct people at an Amazon affiliate link – that way, I can at least make a little money off the site visitor. (more…)

Must Have Free Joomla & Virtuemart Add-ons

In creating all of the e-commerce sites, there are some add-ons that are a must have. Below are a list of the ones I am using, what they do, and why you want them. (more…)

Virtuemart Shopping Cart Page Customization


Customizing the Virtuemart Product Page / Flypage

In one of my projects, the task was to have a single item page that listed all of the items available for purchase. Think of it like a shirt page, with 1 t-shirt, 1 long sleeve, etc. available all from the same page. This allowed me the chance to customize several aspects of the product page.

I used child products to accomplish the client’s needs.

Joomla! & Virtuemart : Full Site Build

This post started as my documentation on the changes i made in setting up a website for a “multifamily yard sale” type of site. I am currently in the process of creating various Joomla! powered web sites, running Virtuemart for their e-commerce. Throughout the process, I will be documenting what I add, build, change, and enhance. This will be ongoing, so you might want to keep checking back.

These posts will serve two purposes. First is a reference for me on what I did, second is to hopefully help someone else out there along the way in building their site. If you find anything in this post helpful, comment and let me know! (more…)

Link Will Not z-index in Front of Text and Image in Internet Explorer

I ran across a interesting IE issue today, that I hadn’t dealt with before.
I wanted to make icons with graphics, text, and a link. The link should cover the whole icon, but it’s link would be text inside of the icon.

The final result would look like:


The text portion of the link would be “Managed Services”, but should be positioned using absolute positing, height, width, and padding/margins so that it over-layed the entire icon. This way, the whole “button” would be clickable.